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Evening all. I'm a new member here, also a recent rider. Hadn't sat on a bike until April 2012, but had a go, loved it and did my DAS last August. Now on my second bike, a 600 Bandit 'Baldrick'.

Anyhoo I'm here to invite you all to the M25 Poppy Ride - Ring of Red. @M25Poppy Facebook: Ring of Red around the M25 http://www.ringofredm25.webs.com

This is our latest information, hot off the keybpard!!

LATEST NEWS.. A huge thankyou to all of you bikers that have been spreading the word about the Ring of Red,it is looking good and thousands say they are coming.

We keep being asked about where do you register for the ride..... There is NO registration you are there out of Respect and Respect costs nothing. However there will be collectors at the service stations and if you wish to donate towards the Poppy Appeal.

We are getting asked, is it ok to wear a T shirt with your own charity written across it or can you wear your football clubs shirt yes of course you can. So long as its RED that is all we ask.

PATCHES, They are only £5 each including P/P. They are in print with red embroidered edges. They are washable and hard wearing,ideal for leathers, hoodies and jackets.In the time since I first thought of putting this ride together this patch was our best option. We have only ordered a 1000 and now they are selling fast, so order now so you dont lose out. All details of how to order are on each of our sites.

CARS, Again we get asked can cars join in... look, this is an event for bikers,bike related vehicles,trikes,quads and scooters. Now its great that you want to come on the M25 and support us,but if everyone else did this it would put the ride in jeapody. Please dont try to convoy in with the bikers,all riders need to ride as if you were alone, and not as a group and be responsible for your own safety. This ride will attract lots of lorry drivers and car drivers already on the road, who may have no idea what is going on. Our USRs have done over 70 rides without a single RTA.They wish to keep it that way. Normally they dont touch motorways but this is such a unique ride,safety is a priority and NO ride is worth a single riders Life. So car drivers if you have no real need to go on the M25 please go and watch from a bridge, where it will be safe to do so. Or even go to the services to meet us before and after the ride. As once the Ring of Red has been acheived many of us will go on to the next service station and have a cuppa to reflect on the ride. Many thanks for your support.

There will be information next week about the other meeting points once we have sorted everything out,please share this post on all the forums you have posted on about this ride. Its going to be BIG and definitly one to Remember. If its raining so what, a bit of water doesnt hurt anyone. RS thankyou so much for your support. The more bikes the more chance we will make the worlds largest Poppy of Remembrance. They shall grow not old,as we that are left grow old.

Julia and the teamx

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I always go to my local ceremony so wont be attending but I hope its a good, safe ride for all who do attend.

I've shared the website on my fb page and asked Martin Dickinson (organiser of RTTW) if it can be posted in his fb group.

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Thanks for your support guys. This is a big ask, especially as we've only had 6 weeks to organise it. If you don't try...... :shock: :D

I hope you have some time to reflect on the day wherever you are x

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Thanks for the posting Mandy.

I was among the last 40 or so bikes to leave Thurrock, so not on camera.

Good to see such numbers.

I reckon if it is organised for next year the turn-out will be phenomenal.

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Many congrats on superb event, too far for me but next year we'll do the M60 round Manchester. Any other NW riders up for it? Julia, please can I have any info possible on how you organised it, raised money etc. I am prepared to get seriously involved for next year, anyone else ready to join me and help?

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