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Shoei xr1100 chroma (green)


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Ok, so some of you probably know that i've been looking for a new helmet for a while now, well i finally ended up buying a Shoei xr1100. Pure and simple it was THE best fitting helmet that i tried on bar none! And i tried on almost every other brand of helmet out there.

Got it through today, and i think it looks great, got it for £289 which is not bad considering at full retail they go for 419 ish.

Will give an update after i've used it tomorrow, but so far very impressed, especially with the weight. As i'm lucky enough to fit a size small, the weight is only around the 1300g mark, so very light.

Another positive for me, especially moving away from Arai, is the visor changing mechanism... OH MY GOD, how simple could it be, i can now get the visor off and on again in less time than it takes me to find the bloody pins on the Arai (if you have owned an Arai you will know what i'm on about, it's fiddly to say the least).

there are some of these going on ebay for around 250, but they are very limited graphics, and while i'm not really too fussed what it looks like, i took the hit and paid a bit extra for the one i wanted.




and oh yes, it comes with the pinlock visor insert for free! bargain

(but the monkey pictured wasn't included :)

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Cant beat Shoei helmets IMO.

Buy a "Whisper Strip" (look on ebay) and you will be amazed the difference it makes :cheers:

heard about these before, but didn't really look in to it, will check it out cheers!!! :cheers:


Reduced noise and keeps the draft out. make sure you get one with the chin piece included.

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first ride in to work this morning with the new lid... really pleased with it. Noise levels better than my arai, but not massively so, just a bit quieter.

What impressed me most was the visor, and the max vision pinlock! the viewing area is so big, unless i go down in to a bit of a tuck, i can't see the top of the helmet. It really is quite impressive... i know that other helmet manafacturers have gone down this route, and what a good route it is, much better viewing area, noticeably so.

i think one slight negative for this helmet is the fact that you can't adjust the venting on top of the helmet, unless i just haven't figured it out yet (and before you say anything, blokes don't read instructions!! :)

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