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Honda XR 125 L Neutral Problem

Guest adam2012

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Hello, I'm new to the forum so hello to all you out there. I have a Honda XR 125 L and today i was riding and my chain snapped so i just pulled over and turned off the engine and put it on the stand.

I didn't think about gears in case the chain flew off and hit someone so i then pushed home, fixed the chain.

Now it will get in gear and will get in neutral(I know from moving back and forth) but no neutral light. With the xr 125 it will only start in neutral and even though it is in neutral the neutral indicator light is not on so the start will not work.

I have been lucky in that i can get it started by bump starting it and able to ride it like normal (all gears fine). However i can get it in neutral with the engine running as well but still no light so i am forever bump starting.

so do you guy know the problem or ever heard of this problem on a XR?

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to TMBF Adam.........pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself to the good people on here when you can....... 8-)

I moved this to Pitstop to get it more exposure...... :wink:

I'm wondering if the neutral switch was wrecked when the chain snapped......the neutral switch on a lot of bikes is near the front sprocket.......but you'd need someone who knows the bike or a Haynes manual to find out exactly where.......but that's what my money would be on...... :wink:

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when my chain came off my WR it tore an earth wire that was just below the side stand I don't really know much about the XR's but it could be the same sort or thing. if you can't find the problem visually you'll have to get a multi-meter and check your wiring loom

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On a ZZR1100 I had a faulty neutral switch, never fixed it as there were several to choose from, but for starting I just used to pull the clutch in & it started fine. Try this method as a temporary fix, it will save bump starting every time I hope.

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