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Hello, instead of doing about 10 seperate reviews, i thought i would make one big one with all my new motorcycle clothing. ((This review is on-going as i have yet to road test most of it!)) Will edit in photos when i get home :)

In the review i will go over the type of clothing ( Boots jacket trousers gloves helmet etc), Prices, Warmth, Durability, Water / wind resistance and anything else i can think of, i will also be adding in photo's of the items and hopefully it will come together nicely :). And with that let's get started (also i apologise for some bad photography on my part!)

Let's start with my helmet, I recently purchased a Caberg V2RR helmet to replace my old box helmet i got for £25.. So far this helmet seems great, comfortable removeable lining, sturdy exterior in a gorgeous matt black that would make anybody envious! It is pin lock ready with the visor already drilled a scratch resistant visor. Well ventilated with One vent on the chin, 2 on the top of your head, and one at the back of your head to stop it misting up, And my favourite feature being the sun visor that drops down, a very handy feature and one i personally went looking for! Aswell as being given a 5 star safety rating one of the best helmets you can buy for it's perfectly reasonable price.

Purchased for £139.99

Next up Jackets! I have 2 jackets, summer and winter, I first purchased my summer jacket from parkinsons colchester (used to have an outlet store there) for the reasonable sum of £100, brand new leather jacket frank thomas black, with beige stripes comfortable as any jacket, not to warm not to cold just right! (like porridge) armour plated (removeable) and looks amazing. My second jacket the winter one i brought recently from ipswich honda, an RST jacket it is thick, thermal lined, armour plated(removeable) not as stylish as the frank thomas one, but looks good considering it is covered in high vis stripes, warm and cosy i think it will hold up well in the winter weather.

Frank thomas £100

RST £69.99

Trousers are the next item! I picked up a pair of viper trousers from Manley's in clacton (where i am purchasing my bike) They took another £30 off them when they were down from £170 to £80 now to £50 i think i got a bargain! My oh my are they warm and comfy, i had to go for 2XL ( :( ) but i wanted to be able to wear my work trousers underneath, The thermal lining is removeable so good summer trousers also, armour plates in the hips and pads in the knee's air vents all over covered by zips for winter use. all in all a great set for a great price!

Viper trousers £50

Gloves, i have two pairs of gloves i imagine many people have hundreds!! i didn't want to go to mad on these seeing you can get some for £300 (i only spent £139 on the helmet come on!) i purchased one pair with my frank thomas jacket for £15 they are also frank thomas, black beige stripes and look sexy (this all matches the bike i may add :D) very pleased with them, my only problem no knuckle guards which i personally would rather have but oh well!! Next up is my RST gloves purchased with my RST jacket at honda in ipswich, £29.99 thick and fluffy, strong knuckle guard, two straps to make sure they stay on aswell as an attachment to hook onto some jackets. Reasonable purchase will see how they hold up, if they really suck i may invest in a better pair as i hear cold hands is dangerous!

Frank thomas £15

RST £29.99

Lastly we have boots, i have been making do on my friends bike with a pair of magnums i got back in 2008, comfy and manouverable but little to no protection wind resistance and water resistance, they won't do except for the warmer months. So while up at orwells suzuki in ipswich, my friend roped me into buying a pair of (not 100% sure on this) shot? boots, they are HUGE! i'm 6ft and they come up to me knee, solid material very little give in them but that's good! Enough to change gears on my bike, big clips on the size and a waterproof lining. Black with white outlines they look awesome aswell end of line item so got them for a steal at £100!

Shot(?) boots £100

Will add more and pictures as and when i can / need to :) the more i test the more i will write.


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Ironically Rantmachine they did keep it out very well! :D

Trousers have had to go back though i think i got a dodgy pair as 2 of the zips broke (before my crash) Got a new set coming, Jacket is warm and dry only a little leak but i dont think that was done up properly. My gloves could be a bit warmer but a pair of liner gloves does the trick. Helmet and boots are both ace, especially now my helmet has a pinlock visor, only downside is the sunvisor fogs up if i have that down but hey cant win it all! Also tried my summer gloves out when i just went to town, my god my hands hurt!!! Never again!

Still need to upload pictures but i keep forgetting :( :(

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