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Indicator problems

Guest robbww

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Been having problems with my indicators, when i flick them on, they seem to flicker on and off rapidly if im going at least 30 mph and sometimes they dont come on at all.

I can see on the display the flashing green light going really fast or sometimes they just fizzle out :/

any ideas?


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The way I read this is they work normally below about 30mph but flash rapidly at 30mph+. Is that what you mean?

If so I would say its more likely to have "normal" bulbs rather than LED. One reason they can flash rapidly is if one of the bulbs blows or if for some reason a connection is lost.

If it is happening at 30+ it could be an indicator with a dodgy connection which when being buffered by the wind is loosing connection. Try wiggling each indicator when off the bike to see if you can recreate the symptoms. If you can, replace the offending indicator.

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Hi at first it sounds like a loose connection, can l take it that all the other electric's are working fine? I've seen in the passed that a duff battery can cause this problem, if the battery is faulty or flat then the voltage regulator will sense this and will try and pump out extra voltage from the alternator to compensate, this can cause the turn lights to flash quickly and not at all if the engine is at idle, you will also see the head light go from dim to very bright under the same conditions. If it is the battery dead or dying get it change as soon as possible. Running the bike with a dead or duff battery can cause additional problems to the charging system and eventually trash the voltage regulator and possibly the alternator.

This page might be of help


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Easy to but can end up being unnecessarily expensive just changing parts until it works, far better and cheaper to do some diagnostics and get to the heart of the problem. Is this problem fixed yet?

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