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Disc lock

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Better than nothing mate.....but 125's are relatively light.....so it wouldn't take long for a couple of guys to shove it into the back of a van..... :roll: I'd suggest a decent chain.....it's less likely to get lifted if it's chained to something..... :wink:

Before anyone else says it......a determined thief will have the bike no matter what security you've got on it.....but decent chains and alarms are a deterrent for the casual thieves and joyriders...... :wink:

Almax security chains are among the best.......not cheap, but the £200 they cost is probably less than the excess on your insurance...... :wink:

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If you do get a disc lock - don't forget one of these...

https://www.toolandfix.com/silverline-9 ... tAodhCgAtg

You fasten it between the lock and your handlebars to remind you it's there - too many people try and ride off with disc locks still on :bike:

Mind you, a noisy on would be less easy to ignore

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I would recommend:

Keeping away from the cheaper push-lock disc locks like these, as I had one almost seize up on my disc!!:


The screamer looks good (love the name too haha!)! :lol:

I currently have one of these. It has an 11mm shackle - great lock but my god if you do buy one, get one with a longer shackle! Hubby's is the same length - only literally just fits over the disc and can be a bit of a faff, needs that bit more length. Cost about £25:


And this is the big, bulky chain we lock our bikes together with (£35/40):


We will defo get better/alarmed locks when we upgrade our bikes early next year though 8-) . Good luck with your disc lock shopping! Maybe get that alarmed disc lock and a big chain & chain it to something too if you can.

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Can anyone recomend a relatively decent / well priced disc lock? I'm paranoid someones gonna have off with my bike :(

thinking this?

http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... 65752#tab1

I actually bought one of these the other week for my Mito - seems pretty decent to me although as said above - if someone really wanted it they'd get enough guys to lift it in to a van - at least it would be making a noise while they're doing it though!

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