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Will you miss me?.....


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I'm off to Germany for 3 weeks from Sunday 3rd Nov on a training course for work........ :roll: Some of you have spotted this already in other posts....... :wink: I'm gonna take my tablick and mobly with me....but, as I remember it, the hotel only has WiFi in the bar area.......and I think the Irish pub near the station has WiFi too......so I'll only get one here for a limited time during this period...... :wink:

Ride safe all you that have still got the bikes out...... 8-)

Seeya down there...... :twisted:

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True Matt...... :wink: :lol: :lol:

It's another machine that I need to learn Lou......and the update for this machine is being launched around now.....so I'll be going on the update training in the New Year....which'll be another 2 weeks..... :roll: But I've got to learn the old machine first before I can do the update training..... :roll: Been asking for this training for 6 years.....then suddenly it becomes a panic to support the update..... :roll:

Mandy is going to come out for one of the weekends anyway.....so it won't be too bad..... 8-)

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