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BSA M21!

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Hey guys. My first foray into the world of classics.

A restored BSA M21. In full running order. A few things I'm going to do to it; would like a side stand, plus some of the rubber items (grips/kick start rubber) could do with replacing.

Need to mount the front numberplate too.


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Thanks Bonniebird and Fro!

I don't think my foot is broken, though for a long time last night I really thought it was, haha. Can put a slight amount of weight on it now, so it's all good.

Got the BSA insured and taxed today, so decided to take it out for a shakedown ride...

What an experience!

Started with no additional injuries, thankfully. But then it took me ten minutes to actually pull away... Kept stalling until I figured out why...

The gearbox, as well as being on the opposite side, is UPSIDE DOWN! Why did no-one tell me this? I was trying to pull off in fourth the whole time, haha! As soon as I clicked UP a few gears into first, it pulled away like a train.


Aside from that blip, it rode like a dream. Managed to get it up to 45mph in top (fourth) but didn't try for any faster, even though I'm sure it could. Has plenty of torque, as I went up some steep hills with no issue.

Main problem was remembering that the back brake is on the LEFT whilst slowing for junctions... the amount of times I almost changed gear coming up to traffic lights...

All in all... what a bike. So glad I got it.

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Took the Beeza out for another run today.

Getting the hang of starting it now.

Managed fifty mph; felt steady as a rock.

Also picked up a set of whitworth spanners and managed to tighten a few bolts in an effort to curb the oil pissing out everywhere haha.

Next task: fit a side stand!

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Right. Bits and bobs that need doing.

I ordered some rubbers for it, for the kickstand and the grips, but they were the wrong sizes. So sending them back.

Rear (and only) stand decided to snap right through at the weld today when I was moving it. Sigh. So that'll need replacing.

Likewise with the front mudguard - need to replace that as the holes the bolts go into to hold the front number plate on have been crudely hacked out at some point for some reason...

Here's a video, in fact, that shows both my Bonnie and the M21. Video is made for my Pipe Smoking Club, but hey ho, it has bikes in it too if you skip along enough.

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May I be the first to say how frankly excellent you look with a pipe on the go.

Shitty luck about the stand - do you reckon you'll be able to weld it up? Same goes for the mudguard.


Why, thank you sir!

As for the welding, yeah, I think the stand could be welded up.

It's simply one tube that slots into another tube, with welding around the outside to keep it in place. It'll be a case of sticking it back together and holding it in place while it's being welded. It'll be reet. Local garage could probably do it for me.

As for mudguard, I'm not sure. Worst case scenario, new mudguard that is guaranteed to fit will be £75.

Heard back from place that I got the rubbers from: apparently the rubbers are the right size/shape, it's my Beeza that has the wrong handlebars and kickstart! Well, whaddya know...

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Sounds like you need to visit a few Auto-Jumbles. Usually find the right bits at these.

Top Tip - Take pictures, print and add dimensions before you go buying - Take a tape measure and you'll be 95% accurate in what you are buying.



Cheers GoG! Good tip.

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best autojumble you can go to local is on at newark every month google it for the dates its at the showground


Cheers EAB!

I know the showground well - the British Pipe Smoking Championships is held there.

I took part in it only a coupla months ago.

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Right. Stand in at a local welders today to get fixed up. Get that back on and will look at electtics next.

Rubbers are aesthetic and can wait. Will probably look at autojumble for them.

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  • 4 weeks later...
Stand is back on, all welded up. 8-)

Next job will be the electrics. Or maybe the oil leak. One or tother.

great bike gaz you must be well chuffed

electrics mate........ these BSAs dont leak oil mate they just like marking there territory , they leaked straight from the factory,

just remember to wet sump it before you ride it

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New battery and new plug in. Lights and horn working again. Wouldn't start today though - think I flooded it by leaving petcock on a coupla days haha!

Petcock off now and shall give it a go tomorrow. If it starts, I'll take it for a trundle.

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  • 1 month later...

Yes! BSA is now running again!

Now, only problem I have is with the rear stand! Was taken off to get it rewelded, but now I can't replace the spring! The Penny trick doesn't work as the spring is so thick the pennies can't even be tapped in with a hammer...

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