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Sinnis Cafe Racer 125


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This is a work in progress i will add to this as i discover new things and have things to say!

I will be reviewing my Sinnis cafe 125cc petrol motorbike. I purchased this saturday the 2nd for £1900 brand new, custom handlebars to give it that amazing cafe racer look, unfortunately i had to ruin it with L plates (:() But none the less it looks amazing. It runs quiet enough i don't annoy my neighbours at 5am, but it has a nice throaty engine/exhaust that it sounds wicked when i open it up! I will add on an after market exhaust at some point just because i want to! :D. Lovely colours, a shiny black with gold stickers lacquered on (will add another over hte fuel tank :) ). It rides smoothly even with my poor gear changes, fantastic acceleration, Top speed is pretty low, i usually sit at 60 but have got up to 70 and 80 when the wind is low enough. Built with a suzuki engine so it's not likely to crap out on me any moment soon. Digital gear indicator is quite handy for a noobie like myself.

Good points

- Fuel economic done about 140 miles on just over 1/2 a tank

- Looks amaze-balls

- Sounds pretty good for a 125

- Cheap price

- Digital gear indicator

- Suzuki engine

Bad points

- Not very fast at top speed

I would likely buy another sinnis, but i may change my mind. who knows i have only had it for 2 days!

Added a picture from where i bought it, including curved down handlebars :) will try upload some pictures of mine now that it's got horrible L plates and is dirty!

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Cheers ^^ i like the look of it definately better than some 125's i've seen about, (not a fan of that sports bike look). and i'd love to go down brighton :D my favourite breakfast cafe is down there haha!

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That looks.... lovely!

Didn't expect it to look like that! I see why you have a hankering for a Thruxton now, as that Sinnis is basically its tiny brother, haha!

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Almost identical (except the thruxton is awesome :D) Might give it a few years though, maybe ease up to a 600 bandit first.


A Thruxton won't be scary, it's the same 900 engine that's in my Bonnie, just in a more aggressive package.

Get big licence then go take one for a ride, I'm sure it'd be a doddle ;)

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Update, not sure how to edit if i can..

Bike is going well, had a little trouble when i didnt let it warm up enough and stalled on a roundabout. Aswell as a couple of times it has been trying to suck fuel in when i opened it up and it didnt *chug chug chug* :D. Top speed i have hit so far is 72mph wind against my on the A12, if i can get a windless day i will get some speed up! As for town riding it is easy as to manouver and nippy and quick off the line, Also i get plenty of looks i think people are like "Oh my god he is soooooo cool" at least in my head that's how it goes ;) 8-)

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Have had lots of trouble with it in the last 4 months. Including but not limited to. Chain slipping off, Indicator cables dropping and burning through, bulbs blowing rear and front. water leaking in rear light due to no seal. Rust damage on bike frame exhaust and tank (causing leak).

Going to have to say sinnis moto of "Enjoy the ride" I'm trying to but this shoddy bike won't let me!

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