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Full beams


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I'm not quite sure what's wrong, but i only purchased this bike a few days ago, but the few times i'v eneeded to use the full beams i flick them on and it barely makes a difference, it seems to point to high up but if i lower the light my dipped beams will be 2 inches infront of the wheel? Any suggestions? Will try pull over somewhere and take a pic if i can

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position the bike about 6 foot away from a wall (i.e. 2 metres).

Put on the full beam and it should centre just slightly down from horizontal (when you are sat on the bike).

Dipped should be centred more down and to the left.

Anything different and it needs adjusting.

If the two beams are different by a large margin, then it could be that your bulb is not seated correctly (or the carrier is not seated correctly in the reflector).


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Sometimes the bulbs can drop in the locating tab so it's worth taking it out, checking that the glass bit is at a right angle to the metal bit and making sure the locating tabs marry up when it's in the holder.

Let us know how you get on!



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check the bulb is the correct type. I retro fitted a h7 or similar into my xr which threw the beam pattern right off. Was meant to fail the mot but he couldn't be arsed. I stuck black tape across the top portion to avoid dazzling cars.

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