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Boot problem

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Hello, i bought myself some big boots on my friends recomendation, but i find i can't lift my foot up properly to change gears, i have moved the lever so ican get the boot in between the footrest/ gear lever, but when i change up i often find i don't push it up enough. Has anyone else had problems like this with rigid boots? and do i just need to wear them in or can i do something to make them more flexible?

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You need to brake them in really, there is a leather softener you can spray inside the boot, I only know this as I suffer with shoe's and boots being tight and if I didn't use it on some of them I'd have to chuck them. I got it from Clark's years ago so you don't need a bucket load :cheers:

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Morning, when you say big boots do you mean moto x boots? If so you will struggle. There built for protection big style, very thick soles and uppers if they are this style of boot these are not designed to go supple. You will struggle to operate the gear lever on a normal road bike due to the overall thickness of the boot you might have to look for an alternative don't go risking getting your foot trapped.

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