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Honda CB-1


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Hi Folks,

Well here's my 'tuppence worth' in relation to the Honda CB-1 Grey Import bike. I've owned a 1989 model since 2005 and I just can't part with it. Many people confuse the bike on hearing 'no not a CB400..' and quickly assume its the same bike as the very able CB400. The truth is their quite different! The CB-1 (NC27) seems to share far more with the more exciting CBR400.

The riding position is quite comfortable, I've ridden from here (Ipswich, Suffolk) to Brands Hatch circuit on occasion with nothing other than the high revs issue to speak of. To be honest the buzz of this motor over 8k is absolutely sweet and a tune to listen to when over taking, those of you when enjoy the note of an engine doing its job would not be bothered. I've got a standard exhaust and air box on mine but I cannot speak for after markets.

One issue I've always had with the CB-1 is that I've never been able to get hold of new gaskets for the carbs. Thus they get filled with the dreaded 'Blue Gunge' every so often a bit of it will find its way into one of the jets, thus requiring a carb overhaul. To be honest its never been too much of an issue, a simple job for those who like to get greasey now and then lol (I'd suggest using a heat gun to refit the carb boots and air box)

Top speed... wobberly needle 120mph ish, most of the excitement happens after 9k rpm!

Best tires I've had on it were Bridgestone Battle axes.

Cold starting can be an issue, daily usage will eliminate the problem but if your storing it at all be prepared to 'fettle' for some time before you get it running.

I fitted a slightly 'wizzy' headlight bulb which was an excellent addition.

I opted to purchase a 'donor' bike. Spares for this bike (excluding consumables) can get quite expensive as its a grey import. If you need to find a spare I'd recommend searching for Dave Silver Honda Spares as he has lots of stock. The donor bike (paid £400 for it) has certainly saved me a fortune over the years.

Personally I just can't part with it, a joy to ride such a light bike through the twisties (it leaves my cousins 600 Bandit behind regularly) Currently relegated to a winter bike, but its going no where ;-)

If your thinking of purchasing one... go for it! If I think of any more info I'll post later. Perhaps another owner will be able to post their experiences...

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