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aprilia rs50 cutting out when riding


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My aprilia rs50 is cutting out completely while riding. It has done it twice when at 50-55 mph and a couple of times when pulling away, it seems to start and run fine other than that! Could somebody give me some advice please aas I don't have enough knowledge to diagnose the problem,



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It's always difficult to diagnose problems like this remotely.....but it kinda sounds more fuel related.....especially the cutting out at speed, when there's more demand for fuel. But it could be the coil breaking down when it gets hot..... :?

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I had one of these and guess what it would do randomly? Cut out at speed.

It just does that, I could never sold the issue, and while it was less likely to on a warm day it could still conk out then too... I'm guessing you can leave it a minute and then it works fine?

But just in case...

Open your fuel tank, is there a big hiss as you do it as my vacuum hose ALWAYS got jammed.

It seems to be common among RS50's to do this. 50-55mph is not a speed you should hold all day as thats the top speed of a standard derestricted one. The tuned up ones show 70 on the clocks.

I remember 40-45 being a safe speed to cruise at, 50mph if you had to!

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