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Help light problem!


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Riding to work this morning in the dark at 6am, light flickers think nothing of it. go down a dark road no street lights, dipped light cuts out. stop and check it by flicking on and off. dipped won't come on at all! Had to ride to work on my full beams this morning just to make sure people could see me.

Any ideas how/what to check or shall i ring the dealer see if they can help? Have to ride home at 4pm where its half dusk so could probably make do if i zoom home.

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Filament was the problem, was physically seperated lol bought a new bulb for a few bob fitted it works fine, gonna get a better quality brighter one when i can see what wattage it will take.

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the low beam filament will be on the way out!

just fit a new lamp (you plant bulbs in the garden! :lol: )


Lamps are what miners use down t'pit - Light Bulb is what I was reffering to (and before you say it - a snowdrop bulb is lighter than a tulip bulb - on average :up: ).

Anyway - The problem was fixed.


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