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Popping out of gear

Guest raabey

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Sometimes when I go for it I get to ~10000rpm, change into the next gear (e.g. today from 2nd to 3rd) it changed successfully but during my acceleration the f****** bike went to false neutral and then found its way back into gear...... Anybody know why this is happening/what I can do to sort it out.

Bike has done 3600miles

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If the bike has done that mileage. Take it back to the dealer :lol:

I presume they come with a warranty these days??

Might help to tell us which bike it is too...

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Hi, I had a similar problem when I started - I dont know how long you've been going - and I was told unequivocally by the Honda mechanic that it was caused by not changing gear properly, by not allowing the gear lever to drop all the way down after changing from 1st to 2nd, the next change up doesn't engage properly, and drops out a few seconds later. More care on the changes solved the problem for me.

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