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in need of some help!

Guest jamie5972

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hi all, i have a 1999 suzuki gz 125, a few problems with it. the rear parking light dosnt come on with the headlights? has always worked and for the life of me, i cant seem to find why its not cut out and wont work. when you apply brakes, the light comes on as normal, another problem is the bike has a habbit of snapping main needle jets in the carb, i have on order a new plastic piston and a new jet as the old piston was worn on the bottom( would that cause the carb to snap pins?)

thanks for any help with this

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Can't help I'm afraid, but I do have the same problem with the light! Police pulled me over a couple of weeks ago as I was riding home at night, just to let me know it was out. Luckily I actually had it booked in for a service the following Monday, and didn't need to ride it until then. But a few days ago I noticed it was out again, but the brake light still works as with yours.

I have a new bulb ready to go in, and will get it in as soon as I find a sodding Phillips screwdriver long enough to reach under the rear mudguard!

We will see how long the new bulb lasts after that :?

Can you tell me what effect the prpb;em in the carb has? Mine has very little power - I've read up and people suggest the carb may be to blame, was wondering if you are experiencing power issues?

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Hi, if the filament for the tail light keeps blowing you might want to consider fitting an led replacement, one of these. http://www.amazon.co.uk/TAIL-BRAKE-LIGH ... B008JX2HK6

The conventional light filaments particularly the tail lamp filament is so fragile that the vibration through the frame can easily break the filament. LED lamps are so much stronger and have a much higher life expectancy. For safety sakes, as well as avoiding the chance of being fined, always take a look back and check you lights are working before you set off.

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