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Doing A Streetfighter Mod


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I have a lifan LF 125-30, the guy i bought it off crashed it and i've had a friend do a lot of mechanical work, welding replacing fork seals.. more welding.. drilling out manifold exaust bolts etc.

The next problem is the plastics. The whole front is cracked, and id need a whole new set costing probably around 250 around that with the research i've done online.

Now i've been looking into changing it to a streetfighter look, and my friend who fixes it recommended it as all i'll need for it is the headlight and bracket.

Seems like a very easy mod, pop a bracket on and wire it up. But where will all of the wires be stored to protect them?

then i can go ahead and get it ordered

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I would go for headlight and indicator wire's in the new headlight and pull the rest under the tank as the others have said, if you do cut and wires try and solder and plastic shrink them which by the sound of it will be the most reliable parts on the bike lol.

All the best


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