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keis inner gloves

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Seeing as Jack frost has now arrived on the scene and my pinkies are feeling the cold again I needed to find some way to address the situation.

I didn't want to fit heated grips, or replace my all weather gloves and already have muffs in situ so inner gloves seemed to be the answer.

The Keis ones seemed to get good reviews so I took the plunge.

I fitted the terminals to the battery and left the plug dangling out where the tank meets the seat. Time taken to fit less than 2 minuets.

The inner gloves seem well made and fit snugly under my normal gloves. A bit tight but not overly so.

I ran the wire up each sleeve and down the back of my jacket between the outer jacket and the inner attached body warmer part.

On mounting up I plugged in and set off.

All I can say is that I arrived at work for the first time with hands as warm as when I set off... :D

My hands never felt too hot just nice and warm. The result was a much more comfortable enjoyable ride.

I just wish I had bought them last year and avoided all that pain and white fingers.

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spotted these this morning. if it wasn't for MCN doing an offer where you buy 6 months and get a set of these for nowt, i'd consider this. buuuuuut - the yorkshire man in me has spoken and i will be using the freebie!

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someone might have been looking for this in the 'tried and tested' section :wink:

been thinking about getting some of these for a while now, so cheers for the review, i most probably will go with these as i didn't want to fit heated grips.

be good to know how you rate them after a months use?!


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I fitted the wires for these gloves to my bike yesterday and rode to work this morning at 05.45?!?.

They definitely keep the cold off, I didn't really appreciate them until I accidentally unplugged them and my hands felt the cold straight away!

They are no way near as hot as heated grips but the grips only heat my palms whereas the gloves keep the finger tips and the length of the finger warm. Without these gloves both my thumb end and the end of my middle finger would get freezing in the wind but with them they were as normal.

In my opinion worth the money if you ride in the cold.

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Dave, I'd just like to say, thankyou for the info :cheers:


Ok I've now been using these now for about 2 weeks and although my hands never get really hot they don't freeze either... :D

I used to use Hein gerick evo gloves with generic silk inner gloves and Tucano Urbano muffs to top it all off.

I ride very early in the mornings and my fingers from the knuckle down would go completly white and numb!

I would have to wait 15 minuets sometimes before I could undo my crash helmet. It felt very strange watching TV with my crash helmet on... :lol:

Having replaced my inner gloves with the new heated jobbies I no longer have any issues with my hands.

So in conclusion knowing what I know now if I didn't already own a pair I would go out and buy them tomorrow.

To me they are easily worth the £59.99 I paid. Link below.


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