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Parts and Explanation for YBR 125 Custom

Guest iceollie

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Hello everyone, hope you are all well. This is my first post!

I have a YBR Custom 125 and I was in a garage today getting a few quotes on some work which came to £500! Quite expensive for some cosmetic damage. One thing they mentioned was my dipped beam is not working. I do not have great practical knowledge and I am confused how dipped beam is not working and full beam is. In the headlamp case there are 2 light bulbs; a large centre one and a small auxiliary one to the side. I cant remember how it is supposed to work, but currently when the Ignition is on, the auxiliary is on. When I turn the engine on, just that small auxiliary light stays on and nothing else turns on. If I then flick the switch to full beam the centre light comes on (only with engine on). I can't remember if what is supposed to happen is the auxiliary light is on when ignition is on, and then when you start the engine the main headlight turns on, and then you can flick the full beam switch.

Could someone that knows about this please tell me how it should be and also, what the problem is or perhaps there isnt a problem and the small light is the dipped beam and that it is the same with ignition or engine on. And if it is the case that that dipped beam isnt working but the full beam is, does that mean I need a new bulb? Which bulb and where to get.

Secondly, the plastic casing around the speedometer and rev counter has cracked in a number of places. Where can I get these parts cheaply, and then I will have a go at replacing them myself. The small chrome surrounding is fine, its just the top and the back casings.

Thank you very much


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Welcome to TMBF Ollie.....pop over to the Newbies section and introduce yourself to the guys when you can...... 8-)

I think it's pretty much been covered.......New headlamp bulb and maybe some secondhand clocks off eBay.....sorted..... :wink: 8-)

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