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Electrics problem


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Hi, Can anyone shed some light on a problem I have with my Honda CB100N please.

I had all indicators working but the fronts were very dim. I have checked continuity of all wires with the switch in the correct position for each side and all seems good. The fronts have stopped working when I put them on. Continuity of earth is good. The bulbs do not and have not blown. I have removed all wire joints and reconnected to make sure they are not pouled up. All contacts seem to be clean. Front indicators only show 3.4v (with bulb removed and multimeter on + & -) and the battery has a full 6.4v charge.

Any ideas as to why there would be a drop in the power to front indicators only. All other electrics work, like warning, neutral and ignition lights and the bike starts up as power is going to the condensor. The indicators still not working when engine is running either.

The bulbs do not blow as no shorting in the wires, but there does seem to be continuity with power and earth in a front indicator (when bulb was very dim) when I tried with no power to the indicator and ind switch in off position. Changing indicator switch does not alter anything either.

Thanks in advance.

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Check the voltage at various points in the circuit until you find the bit where it is normal, it should really be more than 5.5v on 6v bike. You have only 3.4v at the bulb so work you way back through the circuit towards the battery.

I suspect the actual wiring is bad somewhere

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