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Video Cam J1000

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Also labelled Sports VDC. As promised on other thread "alternative to GoPro", here are my first impressions.

The camera is very compact and the waterproof case seems very good. There are lots of bits to mount it in various ways, and in the house it works pretty well. The instructions, however, are useless and it took a lot of experimenting to work out how to do the basics like set the time/date, and set it to record continuously rather than one of the "loop" features. It will record in3/5/10 minute loops, but its not the last 10 minutes, it does 10 minutes and restarts, so you lose the first loop immediately. Not good. It says you can recharge and video at the same time. I have been unable to do so, every time I plug it in it switches to "webcam or mass storage" choice. I am not very IT minded, so it might just be me (shut up Alex), and like I said, the instructions are useless.

The video off the bike is not worth loading onto here, its the mount not the camera, with far too much vibration to produce anything watchable. I'm trying various places on the bike but have not found an answer. I'm not sure if I will be able to bike mount it without getting XS vibration, or whether I'll have to wear it mounted on me, but I really was hoping to avoid this. Any comments on bike mounting without the shakes will be appreciated.

Will post more when I've had a bit more practise, and hopefully some video

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Moved to the Bike/Helmet Camera Reviews section......as it didn't really sound like a gloves review... :wink: :lol: :lol:


and there is the evidence of his IT knowledge!!! Couldnt resist Dad :twisted:

Where are you plugging it in to charge while trying to video?

I googled stabilise a bike camera, this is from a mountain bike forum (urgh actual exercise, wierdos :booty: ) but does give some tips to edit the vibrations out the video after its recorded

http://forums.mtbr.com/videos-pov-camer ... 49791.html

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