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Hydraulic clutch trouble

Guest Jon

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I've got an FZX 750 ready for MOT except the clutch.

With the engine off I can push it forward in first with the clutch in, but when I start it and put it into gear it cuts out.

I can't see any leaks, the clutch lever comes all the way in to the handle bars, doesnt look like theres any way of adjusting it.

I took the clutch slave cylinder off, pumped it out a bit and bolted it back on, the lever was hard to move at first, then it went back to soft and all the way to the handlebars.

Any ideas?

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Sorry I can't help help with that one......I no mechanic, I only asked cos when my bike kept dieing on me I thought i'd got a major problem with the clutch, then realised the bike thought the side stand was still down (the spring didn't pull it all the way up so the switch was still pressed in)

Someone will be along soon that can help.

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There is no switch on the side stand.

A bike mechanic said the clutch might be stuck, put it on the center stand start it and put it into gear - should loosen it up. This didnt work, still stalls and i dont want to rev it too high and break gears.

On the center stand with the engine off in first gear and the clutch in, it is hard to turn the wheel at first, but you can still do it with 1 hand, it gets easier to turn once you get it moving.

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Put the bike on a paddock stand or similar, engage 1st gear without the engine running.

Pull the clutch in and get someone to try to turn the wheel.

If it wont go you are experiencing clutch drag. ie clutch is not disengaging enough.

Check this first and we can go from there.

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Fixed it, the problem was there should have been a kick stand switch.

Checked the wiring diagram, found the wire that didn't go anywhere, connected that to the negative on the battery.

Now working fine.

Thanks for the help.

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