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conclusion of Jerez 125 and 250cc test

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Taken from another forum:

Conclusion of the Jerez test: the KTM takes double top, Smith sets lap record


After two days of targeting the Aprilia, The 250 test finished today at Jerez De the Frontera with KTM at the front.

Mika Kallio and Hiroshi Aoyama, had to give best to first Alex Debon and then, yesterday, Alvaro Bautista, before setting the two best times of the whole three day test. Kallio set his best at 1’43" 303, lowering the time by two tenths set yesterday by Alvaro Bautista, while Aoyama closed in on 1’43" 517.

The first of the Aprilia riders today was Hector Barbera riding the RSA of the Team Toth. The Valencian, who for this season rides with the number 21, replacing his traditional number 80, set a time near the two KTMs, dragging himself to the top of the battle of the official team from Noale. Next in line, Debon, Bautista and Luthi, were in front of a positive Marco Simoncelli, who was capable of staying near the top over the three days of test with the Gilera, even if todays story was of his slide down the timesheet

Behind the Roman was the first of the "rookies", Hector Faubel. The Spaniard got under the 1 minute 44 second barrier, already showing a good understanding of the Aprilia RSA. Less obvious the improvement by Mattia Pasini, who yesterday set a time of 1’44" 6, and today succeeded in improving to 1’44" 5: the Riminese will have at any rate a target time to attack. Speaking of debuts, a long way back was Lukas Pesek, who was the victim of two falls.

Roberto Locatelli also fell, fortunately without injury, even the the Bergamasco didn't restart he finished fifteenth.

A welcome return for Manuel Poggiali who apart a short test at Jerez last November, had very little race experience for over a year. The Sammarinese today finished the tests in thirteenth position, with the gap from the front that always remained for all the three days in the order of 1" 4. Not a bad result considering his lack of riding in a factory team.

250 cc times

1. Mika Kallio (KTM) – 1’43"303

2. Hiroahi Aoyama (KTM) – 1’43"517

3. Hector Barbera (Aprilia) – 1’43"575

4. Alex Debon (Aprilia) – 1’43"644

5. Alvaro Bautista (Aprilia) – 1’43"735

6. Thomas Luthi (Aprilia) – 1’43"819

7. Marco Simoncelli (Gilera) – 1’43"874

8. Hector Faubel (Aprilia) – 1’43"938

9. Karel Abraham (Aprilia) – 1’44"091

10. Aleix Espargaro (Aprilia) – 1’44"459

11. Julian Simon (KTM) – 1’44"500

12. Mattia Pasini (Aprilia) – 1’44"504

13. Manuel Poggiali (Aprilia) – 1’44"758

14. Federico Sandi (Aprilia) – 1’44"816

15. Roberto Locatelli (Aprilia) – 1’44"839

16. Alex Baldolini (Aprilia) – 1’44"936

17. Fabrizio Lai (Aprilia) – 1’45"284

18. Imre Toth (Aprilia) – 1’45"354

19. Lukas Pesek (Aprilia) – 1’45"961

20. Eugene Laverty (Aprilia) – 1’46"553


From now on it will be necessary to take a serious look at Bradley Smith. If yesterday had been astonishing, setting the best time of the 125 class, today at last the Englishman confirmed with authority his move from Honda to the Aprilia of the Polaris World team, leaving three tenth of a second distance to the world champion Gabor Talmacsi.

Setting a 1’46" 869 lap, Smith beat the 125 circuit record that belonged to Mattia Pasini, pole man in the 2007 Spanish GP at 1’46" 937. Simone Corsi was pushed back with the Aprilia of the WRB Fortuna team, finishing the Andalusian test with a good third time.

The Roman preceded the Frenchman Mike Di Meglio , Sergio Gadea and Sandro Cortese. While Gadea is not a surprise, Di.Meglio is, now that he has found competitiveness with the Derbi, and Sandro Cortesi, will be one to watch from the start of the season.

Seventh and eighth, the two official Derbi's of Pol Espargarò and Joan Olive. "Polyccio", The favorite son of team boss Dani Amatriain, must now wait for his time to come, considering that Smith, another youngster, is in front of everyone on record time.

For KTM, in contrast to the 250, it has not been a lucky test. The Austrian manufacturer has not managed supply machines for the Jerez test for the two customer teams, Scot and I.S.P.A.(Formerly Seedorf), which has meant that riders Koyama, Zanetti, De Rosa and Pablo Nieto have not tested. As if that were not enough, today the results on track were provided by the actions of the Repsol team, entrusted to Esteve Rabat and Marc Marquez, but Rabat, the number one rider of the team, fell breaking his left collarbone.

125 cc times

1. Bradley Smith (Aprilia) – 1’46"869

2. Gabor Talmacsi (Aprilia) – 1’47"113

3. Simone Corsi (Aprilia) – 1’47"487

4. Mike Di Meglio (Derbi) – 1’47"572

5. Sergio Gadea (Aprilia) – 1’47"655

6. Sandro Cortese (Aprilia) – 1’48"012

7. Pol Espargarò (Derbi) – 1’48"053

8. Joan Olive (Derbi) – 1’48"334

9. Nicolas Terol (Aprilia) – 1’48"412

10. Stefan Bradl (Aprilia) – 1’48"501

11. Dominique Aegerter (Derbi) – 1’48"513

12. Esteve Rabat (KTM) – 1’48"602

13. Scott Redding (Aprilia) – 1’48"770

14. Alex Pons (Aprilia) – 1’48"972

15. Efren Vazquez (Aprilia) – 1’49"061

16. Ivan Maestro (Aprilia) – 1’49"076

17. Robert Muresan (Aprilia) – 1’49"312

18. Pere Tutusaus (Aprilia) – 1’49"837

19. Roberto Lacalendola (Aprilia) – 1’49"993

20. Dino Lombardi (Aprilia) – 1’50"009

21. Marc Marquez (KTM) – 1’50"043

22. Lorenzo Savadori (Aprilia) – 1’50"251

23. Julian Miralles (Aprilia) – 1’50"573

24. Cristian Trabalon (Aprilia) – 1’50"785

25. Robin Lasser (Aprilia) – 1’50"985

26. M. Rabbioli (Aprilia) – 1’51"121

27. Luca Vitali (Aprilia) – 1’51"

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Even more reason to get Eurosport and get up early on Sundays to watch the 125cc races.

With Toselands MotoGP move Brad's success has been a bit muted. won't be if he wins the first race in Qatar.

By the way are the 125cc and 250cc running at night? or is it just the MotoGP class?

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