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Light at end of the tunnel and it isn't an oncoming truck

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The two hours' lesson made a huge difference. I've booked another, but not till the week after next because I can't afford two hours a week - but it's going to be more beneficial than one hour once a week. The instructor says he's looking for consistency, and if my next lesson is as good as this one I will be out on the road the session after that :D

I did fast and slow today - up into third gear, and slow control using the clutch. Lots of stops to try and stop where I'm aiming to stop and not where the bike thinks it would like to stop. Learning that a clutch on a bike is different from a clutch on a car. Realising that I can go very slowly without falling off. Leaning the bike over on a turn without getting dizzy and panicking.

The instructor pointed out that it's only my third proper lesson with him. At the free assessment session he gave me I was too scared to get my feet off the ground for more than about two car lengths. My balance was virtually non-existent (it's not one of my strengths). I was so upset by my previous experiences and so frustrated with myself that I was on the point of wondering if there really are some people who can't do it. I thought I would never, ever get the hang of the gears - I was trying to do them like in a car, and I've learnt that you don't have to use your hand and foot simultaneously.

Thank you lot for the encouragement to keep going - after I crashed the scooter, my son actually said "Maybe it's not for you," which was probably the worst - or maybe the best - thing anybody could have said. But he's been riding since he had a dirt bike when he was about nine, so he's forgotten what it's like, just like I can't remember learning to tie a shoelace.

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Yay! way to go girl! :D Glad to hear things are getting better with each lesson. Just take your time and keep up the good work. I passed my test last year after getting back on a bike with a 30 year lay off! I assumed I would find it pretty easy to get back into but it wasn't. :cry: It took me about nine months of training and three failed MOD 1's before I got my licence. So you see it is not just you even someone with some previous experience can get it wrong too. Good luck with your next lesson. :wink:

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