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Module 2 PASS

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Passed my mod 2 yesterday on a Suzuki bandit 650 cc.

Had a full days training and then straight on to the test. Was a bag of nerves all day.

Absolutely chuffed now. And would like to thank everyone on here for their advice etc.

The first time I ever rode a bike was april this year doing my CBT.

The whole structure of getting a full license these days is enough to put anyone off, Theory, hazard pereception, CBT, mod 1, mod 2.

And if your similar to me then you would be confused and frustrated at where and when to start all this training, my advice is come on here and ask questions and either do a crash course with everything taken care of or learn in your own time and go about it in a gradual way.


THEORY, Buy the DSA theory practise test book, read it cover to cover and practise hazard perception online.

CBT, just book it with a local training provider, obviously do some research to see if the company are any good and perhaps speak to some of their previous students. But remember to enjoy it and take your time.

MOD 1, when your ready for this test, take your time and don't rush it all and you will be fine.

MOD 2, when your instructor says your ready for it then my advice is just go for it.

makes for easy reading and actually doing it is completely different I appreciate, but just go for it, you will be surprised how quick you pick it all up and get through it.

If I can be of any assistance for anyone about to go for their tests then please send me a message on here or via PM.

Have a great weekend all.

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It really felt like an achievement for me.

I'd rode for years and did the old part one around 89/90 but never got round to doing part two once I got my car license,

It does feel daunting all the different bits and bobs you have to do these days.

I remember nervously walking into the theory test place.

On my mod 2 I had two blokes follow me in a car.I was bricking it.

Well worth it though and you feel you've really accomplished something.The old tests were a bit, meh any old mug can pass.I don't think it was possible to fail the old part one and the tales I heard of part two made it sound even easier.

Grats btw.

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