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Speed Advise.


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Hello guys,

Ever since I've had my 125 i literately had to rev the bollocks of it to get any speed, which i honestly didn't mind, and even posted if it was natural which it was, so that got me used to that, and didn't effect MPG much.

Since i moved onto a 650 ER6F a couple of a month's ago, i tend to be doing the same thing, except my 6am-2pm shift traveling to the motorway through rural locations (my exhaust is a little bit loud, so don't want to be a pain for sleeping people)

Now once i hit the motorway or straight/curvey a roads, i'm off screaming away, often hitting my restricted speed, which looking at it now, is very stupid, and i'm lucky i have not been pulled, this is where i need mentality advise to stop going over the speed limit, especially since the motorway is dead at 5am for my early shift, and 10pm for setting home after a late shift.

Because of the constant reving my bollocks off, i've noticed i'm fueling up a ton too.

Has anyone had this much consistency, and if so how have you managed to calm your passions?

Note: yes i know it's stupid, and dangerous, but i'm trying to stop this as soon as possible, i don't tend to speed in public areas, as if i come off i don't mind me getting hurt, but if i hurt some-one else i'd be devastated.

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It's self control, do you wear earplugs? I find when I wear plugs I'm more relaxed and don't mind littering along, all beit around 70 ish but that's not too bad compared to mad moments.

Ur the one in control of the throttle, just think as you powering along 'if this went wrong'......... That maybe enough to shock you into calming down. For me ita the what ifs, what if there's a copper sitting up there, what if a car just pulls out and that's enough to cool me down

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brax...easy way to solve this mate... if you had an accident that was your own fault ( ie too much speed etc) could you afford to a. be without transport

b. have time off work ( possibly a very long time)

methinks the answer would be no... so just don't do it...you are master of your own destiny

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