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Hi All,

Having just passed my test, the next thing on my list is to get some clothing. I already have a lid, but am looking for Jacket, Trousers, Boots & Gloves. I will only be a fair weather rider, so will probably go the leather route.

I have read a few things saying that you can get some good deals at Motorcycle Live. My question is, is this really the case, or should I just go to my nearest bike gear shop?

My main doubt is that having attended the Autosport show on many occasions, looking at racing gear (car), I felt the prices were actually increased for the show.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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I got a £400 helmet for £250 a few years back!

there is bargains to be had although a lot of the big brands dont tend to have a lot off

if you have the money to go and buy it all there then I would do that but also factor in the cost of the tickets fuel and parking too otherwise you could end up just paying the same

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Your best bet is just to go to a dealer and ask for a discount on end of season or even last seasons stuff. I've had massive discounts in the past (in the £100's) just by applying a little cheek. On the plus side, you're buying at the right time of year.

Last year I got £100 knocked off a £400+ Dainese jacket, just because the new version has a silver flash, rather than a red flash on the sleeve. It just goes to show the markup on the product.

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I got all my first set of gear from the show and I did pretty well. Just don't get swamped and have a good walk around before you buy. Best to have an idea in your head what you want to spend otherwise you can go a bit crazy

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And watch out for the fake stuff.

Was reading on another forum about someone who bought stuff that although looking as though they were a matching set, didn't have the correct zips to fasten together. The zips on both garments were miles away from what they should have looked like.

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