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Honda cbf 125 flat battery


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Hey guys,

So recently I had my 2011 Honda cbf 125 stolen. The police managed to recover it, which is great, however the thieves hotwired the bike and left it like that, which drained the battery.

I'm looking to fixing it up now, my question is, if I buy a cheap trickle charger from eBay, will it be able to revive the battery.

Also I've been reading online about how to fix the hot wiring, and I've read that soldering the cables back should do the job. What do you guys reckon?

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Soldering always gives you the most reliable connection so if you can do it, crack on!

Batteries don't like being completely drained and can be difficult to recover if they are dead flat. I'd suggest getting an Optimate which are about £50 which should last you aaaaages - mine has recovered a couple of dead batteries in it's time. :-)

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are they really that easy to steal? I noticed the keys are three times as long but the scrapes on the key are still the same length. so they just yank the electrics out and hook it up. mad. even my 96 golf had an immobiliser.

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