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led wiring help please.

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i could do with a little help please. i have just brought my son a generic worx 125 2013.

i have purchased some bright led strip lights to stick on his bike to make him stand out more. i will be adding 1 to the rear 1 to the front and 1 for each side of the bike.

my question is what wires on the bike would be the best to connect them to, i don't want to wire them direct to the battery as they would be constantly on.

the leds have a black and red wire coming from them so i expect that is a live and negative.

so please if you are able to help with what wires i need to connect them to so they only power on when the bike is running,

thank you for any help

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you will need to find either the ignition feed or the sidelight feed.

Some bikes have the sidelights come on with the ignition and some don't.

It just depends if you want them on all the time when riding or only on with the lights on.

Just a thought you can only have white at the front, red at the rear and yellow on the sides of a vehicle as part of the The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 section 2

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i have the correct color leds so i have no issues with that, i want the lights on all the time when the bike is out on the road, anything that helps him to stand out is a bonus.

do you know what colour wires to connect the leds to?

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Probably best connecting into the rear light circuit.......but, as adekeys says, the diagram is a bit woolly...... :wink:

You could use Scotch Block connectors to tap into the appropriate circuit to save chopping wires and splicing into the wiring....... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/scotch-block- ... 1173058435

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