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This would sting a bit....

Who else but Quagmire

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makes you wonder what would have happened, and how often does it happen do you think?


thats what i thought... if the plate hit the top of the rear tyre, it would surely be pulled forward, and not ejected out backwards....

I reckon its a FAKE!!

Also, bike fairings are pretty tough, and plates are not very heavy, so i dont think a number plate (een a metal one) would have enough momentum to stab so far into a bike fairing...

I call FAKE!!!

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If you're travelling at speed the wind would rip it backwards off the bike......and lightweight metal of that shape would decelerate pretty quick........so the speed differential when it hit the following bike could be high enough to do this......but the odds against it happening must be pretty high...... I reckon it's not a fake.......why would you do that to your bike just for Youtube views?...... :shock:

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