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Suzuki GN125R 1996 Carburetor Now!


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I will apologise now as this may turn Into a bit of a rant as well as a request for help as I'm STILL waiting for the Haynes manual to arrive!

Some people just do my F*****G head in! Why do the very small minority buy a bike and then trash it by doing half hashed jobs?! So far Suki has had the battery replaced and the ignition switch replaced with the correct one. This was the first half done job! The wrong switch installed, cut to fit the mount and wrong wiring! So for the sake of £20 for a brand new switch that would have just required plugging together, they hashed it up and taped the wires together. A pain in the rear end for me but it's fixed and perfect now or at least as close as it ever will be. :-)

So she's trying to start, so I've checked plug, starter and ht lead. All is well. Started looking at the carburetor and there appears to be a hose missing. I've added some photos, to show you where the missing hose is, I can't see where the other end would attach either. I'm also aware of the cracks in the fuel hose, it is in no way leaking fuel and will probably be replaced this afternoon if I can get into the bike shop. Any help would be really appreciated. As soon as I get her running she's going to the local guys to be fully serviced, I just need to get her running first.



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How much of a bloody idiot do I feel right now?! She's running now. I forgot about the bleeding choke! Started first time with the choke open. Hubby ran it around the property a bit and is starting first time without the choke open. Now onto the Honda. [sMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH AND SMILING EYES]

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Hoorah.......result....... 8-)

And, yes, the joys of 2ndhand bikes......the cb750 I bought as my cafe racer project.....well, the wiring has been well butchered.......so I bought a 2ndhand loom and will rewire the bike using bits of each modified to suit the new layout..... :wink:

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I hear you Tango. I mean for the few extra pennies it would have cost to do the job properly. I just don't understand.

She now needs a new chain and sprocket kit, hubby got her up the hill and was changing into 3rd when the chain came off. On closer inspection, it would appear this has been a recurring problem. When you look directly at the rear sprocket all the teeth are bent in an anticlockwise direction and there's so many broken teeth. So she's into the guys during the week to have that done too. I'm not confident enough to try changing the chain and sprockets yet. I may ask the guys if I can sit in on the work being done.

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