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Anyone in Greenwich tonight see a guy pushing a motorbike?

Guest Phil Young

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Very uncool, obviously ran out of petrol ;)

On the positive side - I ran out of fuel just 50m from a petrol station :lol:

Wonder if my dad and stepmum saw him - they went to Jamie Oliver's there :mrgreen: . Aww, didn't you ask if they were ok? I know how dozey I can be - I'd actually get them a tankard and petrol as long as I had time and they paid (I always have a toss box and extra bungee cords tho so makes it easier for moo)

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I once ran an old CBR600F out of fuel on the way home from my day release, I'd pulled up alongside a mate and pointed at the tank and made a signal. His house was closer than mine being 25 miles away, so we rode and I watched the reserve indicator, which was split into 4 bars tick down every few miles so after 15 miles I was reading as being fresh out.

I shit myself I wouldn't make it but it kept on going for the next 10 miles, until about half a mile away it stuttered, it kept on going and I then gave it some welly as I came to the last road and then it coughed before dying. I used what speed I had left and coasted into the petrol station. My mate burst out laughing when he saw me using my feet to paddle it along just far enough it came to rest at a pump, and now every 100-150 miles I fill up religiously on whatever bike I have :lol:

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I coasted 100m then my options were to overtake a bus pulled up at a stop at the 4mph I was moving, or accept my fail and push lol...

And I get 106miles to a tank so now it's every 90 miles :(

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I once ran an old CBR600F out of fuel on the way home from my day release

Hahahahahaha, sounds like you were banged up :lol:

I got to 330 miles the other day and she started coughing and realised my indicator was well below the red line - 2nd time I've done that! Was probably running on the remaining diesel at the time :mrgreen:

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