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Mobile speed cam.


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I dropped my other halfs car off at the mot station this afternoon for its mot in the morning.

Passed a mobile speed camera, not speeding though.

Should I be expecting a letter for the lack of mot? It run out last week.

Or do they only detect speed?

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if its booked for an MOT then you're entitled to take it to the garage for the MOT.

If you were snapped just driving around then that'd be different.

But I'm with Tango anyway, I don't think the vans are ANPR equipped...yet

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Rest assured, that if you were taking your vehicle to a pre-arranged and booked MOT, then you have nothing to worry about as it is legally allowed (still requires insurance obviously).

Some mobile cameras (those situated in vans for example) do have ANPR facilities, but if you are referring to a hand held speed detection device, then no, they do not have ANPR facilities.

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Ignore everyone here, you will get a £500 fine for no MOT and lose licence.


So the rules have changed then. Points and/or disqualification for a non endorsable offence eh? :wink: Thats a new one.

When did you change the law? :D

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I wonder what the legality is if it fails the mot and you drive it back home? :?


Thats perfectly legal... as, if you fail you normally get a free re-test. just ride it home.. fix the problem then book in the re-test. UNLESS the vehicle is unroadworthy (aka a deathtrap) .. and the police stop you. The MOT tester will tell you if its unroadworthy.

you can ride the bike home.. then from home to a garage (for a repair). and then either back home or directly to the MOT station. no taking the long way round.. as the police can prosecute you for that. (if they catch you)

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About the direct to MOT, how would they prove? How far out would you have to be?

Not saying you are wrong as I know that is the law but it does get you wondering, should you book in with your nearest centre, otherwise you are on the road for longer than you need?

Also after I get mine MOT'ed I take the scenic route home which is longer than the main road route ( which I take just in case) but it isn't taxed at this point. Again, how far out do you need to be to be for them to say you are not dirextly going to the station/home?

Sorry - like to play devils advocate at times!


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