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Chain Lube?


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Ok, dont want to start a war!

Just was thinking about a better lube for my bandit as the wd40 chainwax I currently use just seems to flake off now we have the cooler weather.

Will be riding in all weathers so need something robust for the rain, and the 70 miles+ a day I do.

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If you're an all weather commuter - you can't beat a scottoiler. if you don't want to change your chain every 5k miles that is. otherwise the wd40 cleaner, lube and wax are very good - but you need to use them properly.

Clean your chain THOROUGHLY using the cleaner and an old rag.

apply lube liberally and allow to dry.

apply wax and allow to dry.

if done properly, you will see a good 300 miles service out of that clean and re-application. you will want to check the condition of your wax following riding through rain. The wax can pick up crud and grime as well in poorer weather - so if you're using it, you will need to check that chain regularly.

You SHOULD clean, lube and wax following rain - but I didn't tend to do that, I just checked on the state of my chain regularly.

Riding year round really cocks your chain up - expect to change it after 6k miles - especially if you're as slack as I am with maintenance!

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I use chain saw oil which I bought from a machine tool dealer (Marshall & Parsons) in Leigh-on-Sea a couple of years back. I find it sticks on with far less "fling" and my chain seems fine on it.

I actually use an old Scott Oil plastic bottle with a flexi nozzle to apply a thin line on the inside of the links when the rear wheel is ticking over in 1st gear in a paddock stand.

A good wipe with a cloth cleans off any excess.

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A chain lasts in reasonable condition to 10k miles but after 15k I'm inclined to change it due to the tight spots that eventually occur.

As for chain lube, I suggest Muc-Off PTFE lube. Get your back wheel off the ground and give a very liberal dose aiming the spray at where the sprocket meets the chain, if you can get the wheel spinning while you do it (I just put it in 1st with the engine on and let it idle with it like that).

You don't need to do both sides as a good lube will soak the whole seal like this, you're mostly worried about the business end that meets the sprockets. So give a light misting to the top layer but not much.

Stop the engine and wipe off any excess from the side plates and I've found this the most effective lube/application combo I've ever used.

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Keep coming back to a scottoiler, but need something in the mean time. Been looking at the castrol one in halfordss but no decent reviews on the web


There is an article somewhere on the net that shows how to make your own Chain oiler...heres one...




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I use chain cleaner get all the gunk off and a grunge brush. Make it nice and clean again. Then apply liberally muc-off dry chain lube. spin wheel several hundred times. Seems to be alright so far.. I tend to do this every 400miles or so.

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Castrol is decent. Ran out of lube when I was down the far end of France and that's all they had at the service station I was at. Works very well, saw me and a mate back and still had over half a can left.

For cleaning I've mentioned on other threads but you cannot beat a Kettenmax (or similar, cheaper versions available like the one I have). Very, very easy and takes less than 10 minutes to give your chain a deep clean and relube all in one go. Dan from this forum (what ever happened to that bloke?) did a great video on using his here:

Part 1:


Part 2:


For cleaning just use paraffin. Nothing special. Aerosol cleaners like Muc Off's are good if you prefer though. Some people say wax lube attracts dirt and grime more than grease, I don't know because I've always stayed pretty much on top of cleaning mine, which was no drama at all with a Kettenmax. I got over 20,000 miles out of the chain on my blackbird before having to change it.

Only thing I will say with the Kettenmax is that the kit comes with a cord to tie the device to your bike (the bit of string Dan mentions in the video) - bin it and swap it for 2 cable ties looped together. Much sturdier.

Oh and they look expensive at first but if you search about a bit you can find them cheaper. I got mine from Hein Gericke, might not be a genuine Kettenmax but it does exactly the same thing. They still sell it on their European site http://www.hein-gericke.de/kettenmax.html

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Sorry 6k was with my pretty piss poor maintenance regime. If you're dedicated you will easily get 10k out of a chain. I was a massive slacker though!


I'm at 11K on the original chain now with no tight spots. I've probably only moved down the adjusters by 1 notch in this time too, mind you, I am a bit OCD when it comes to this bike. I use motul lube after every 2nd long run and apply it when I get back in and the chain is warm.

Having said that, it comes with an ultra heavy duty EK chain as standard - it needs to. :) Some guys on the B-King forum have 20K+ miles on a chain (one changed his at 28K :shock: ) and some of those go drag racing !

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Has anyone suffered from surface rust on the outside of the links? Was cleaning mine this morning and noticed some

Yes... bit of WD40 and a small brush will get rid of it :) Then coat in ACF-50 and lube as normal.

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My preferred method

1 - put bike onto rear paddock stand

2 - spin wheel and spray chain with WD40 so it is good and wet

3 - clean with old brush (tooth or dish)

4 - wipe with old rag

5 - lube with Silkolene chain lube. It is thick, lasts long even in wet and horrible conditions and the fling is minimal.

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