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Looking for an all weather backpack

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I was going to say Kreiga until I saw your price range.......but I think you'd be hard pushed to find anything reliable enough at that money..... :wink: Invest in a Kriega and it'll serve you well...... 8-)

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yes. LOMO do a 30Litre dry-Bag Rucksack. £30 inc on eBay. LOMO are one of the better brands.

heres one.. but they come in various colours.



x2 for Lomo. I use the 60l rucksack with velcro straps so it can also be used as a dry bag bungied onto the bike. When I use it as a rucksack I keep the straps loose so the weight rests on the pillion seat. Very well made, totally and utter water proof.

http://www.ewetsuits.com/acatalog/Dry-B ... gs-uk.html

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Been using one of these for years - perfect even on a motox bike for comfort, nice and bright and 100% waterproof.

Carries my laptop (and fits a 17" one too) with charger and other bits and pieces no problem. I have two so when going away for a few days on the bike, valuables go in the one on my back and clothes etc go in the other strapped to the back of the bike.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/WATERPROOF-LTR- ... rboard+bag

edit: forgot to say has a chest and belly strap so its nice and snug against your back, back padding also very comfortable when in place so you wont really feel it unless your carrying bricks haha

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Never been a fan of backpacks myself through fear of them twisting me into some nasty shape if I come off.

For that reason I've always used tank bags. All the tank bags I've used have some form of strap integrated into them so you can throw it over your shoulder when you get off anyway. They also usually come with rain covers to keep your stuff dry. You also get the added benefit of having a map window on the top of tank bags which puts them ahead of backpacks for me any day.

I had a magnetic bag from Aldi once that was well within your price range (probably cheaper actually) and have to say it was excellent. Very sturdy, easy to use and lots of space. Had the ability to zip the top half off and just have a thin map pocket, or you could include the top layer and expand it to quite a big size. No good of course if you have a plastic tank, but you can get bags for non-magnetic tanks anyway. The latest tank bag I've used (and will probably be out of your budget sadly) is from Bagster - coupled with a tank cover (or 'tank bra' as I call it). That was very nice, but performance wise the cheap Aldi one was more than adequate.

Just thought of another reason I don't like backpacks - If loaded up and going anywhere longer than half an hour away the straps can dig in and chafe my shoulders.

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