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Firstly, hello from a n00bie. I have recently been welcome to the world of sweet 16, where I can get married, join the forces, and perhaps most excitingly, the possibility of being able to own and drive a two wheeled mode of transport. This may well be needed as soon I'll have to commute to collage, preferably without having to go on [strikeout]filthy socialist peasant[/strikeout] unreliable public transport. Combining my want for independent travel and hatred for buses, it has come to my conclusion that perhaps obtaining a scooter may be what I need.

I have however a problem: I know no one with any knowledge of purchasing and owning a bike, so I have no idea what to look for. Thus I hope these forums can help me, and if so, it would greatly aid me if the following questions could be answered to the best of your ability:

1) Much like a car, you need a license for a motorbike. However, I understand that you can not simply get a license and hop on a Golden Wing. What CC would I be allowed after passing my CBT?

2) What would be a good first scooter to start off with? I'd like a cheap reliable scooter, basically a two wheeled Lada, but I have no idea what to look at or what price would be fair.

3) What would it be like to live with a scooter? Is it a joy or a pain?

4) Like a car, would insurance be expensive for first time bikers, and if so, how expensive?

Thank you for reading.

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1) 50 cc I believe. Until you're 17.

2) no idea

3) better than walking I guess

4) expect a higher premium until you have some experience and no claims. Not sure how much it'll be but usually it's not as bad as cars.

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