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How quickly can things change?


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Yep......it does show quite clearly how quickly a situation can change.... :shock: TBH I would never have attempted that overtake as the view wasn't anywhere near good enough........he was sitting on the crown of the road which reduced his view further.......and also bear in mind that the camera lens gives a distorted view.....making things look further away than they really are..... :shock:

He got lucky....... :wink:

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just hope he doesn't get done for reckless driving :roll: The police charged the guy who came off at the cat & fiddle and posted the video as a warning to others :shock:


He had an injury accident that damaged others property (the fence he went through) and so it should have been reported to the police. This one was a miss, a clear mistake and is not reportable. I hope that distinction makes the difference.

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I Wouldn't have gone for that overtake either but we have all done something stupid before

Good on him for posting it up and admitting fault and showing his mistake to others

I also think its good that he talks you through it as it may help some people understand how quickly it can change etc

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