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Theory booked for 18th Nov...

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Well, I've booked my theory in for 18th Nov. Funny how much changes. When I did my driving theory they had only just started to use computers. A friend remembers just ticking boxes on some paper when they did theirs. Now I have a newfangled Hazard Perception Test to deal with!

I'm pretty happy (i.e. pass mock tests) with general theory based upon what I already know, doing lots of online tests and brushing up on the bits particular to bikes that I haven't learnt before.

The HPT I'm guessing will be okay, but I am practicing like a mad thing, watching all the videos I can lay my hands on. Phone app is okay, but screen a bit small, so I have ordered the DSA disc as well and have looked at the vids on the AA site. So far I think it is just a case of practice, practice, practice. Some of it is definitely learning about what the test expects of you and how to best respond, like clicking several times from the point when you first become aware of a hazard. This point is valuable as when I first tried a video I 'spotted' a potential hazard before it had actually developed into one and ended up failing that vid as I only clicked once. It's funny. I've never crashed or been in an accident in about 15 years of driving, but the test makes you feel like a muppet sometimes!

Anyhow, I'm just rambling now. Just figure this forum is a good place to let it all out!

Cheers :cheers:

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The way it was explained to me is to 'Click when a developing hazard changes'. So you see a potential hazard *click* the potential hazard starts to become an actual hazard *click* you have to take an action to avoid the hazard (slow down for example) *click*.

There is actually a time frame coming up to the hazard, you are expect to click multiple times for the same hazard as it starts to develop.

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