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ducati clutch issues.


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Ducati 749s, bikes had a few issues borght with no history.

Its got a dry hydralic clutch.

The problem.

When the bikes warm the clutch is engaging with the leaver in.

Eg come to a stop with the bike in 1st, clutch in and after 10/15seconds the bike will creep forward.

The master cylinder was leaking so its had a refurbed one on.

Clutch plates was nearly flat smooth so its had new plates.

Baskets ok.

Slaves not leaking.

No fluid loss anywere.

Obviously new fluid and bled correctly.

Any ideas.

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that doesnt mean you dont have a clearance issue :)

there could still be air in the clutch line they can be a right twat to bleed up over time the air could be compressing more the longer it is pulled for causing pressure loss at the slave cylinder

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Are you using the original clutch cover? I remember someone telling me once they'd swapped the clutch cover for an open one and had the issue you're describing. I can't remember how it was solved but I think it was either one too many clutch plates, or something else was a bit too thick. Sorry can't be of any more use!

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Ive bleed it twice. First time was the m/c change. Bled new fluid right through. Then again a week later to make sure there was no air.

Any tips for getting the harder stuff out?


sorry early start today and was in bed by the time you posted again

a good way is to remove the slave cylinder and push the piston all the way in watch the fluid though as it will rise hold the piston and pump it as far out as you dare without letting it pop out again watching the fluid to make sure it doesnt run too low

then keep very slight pressure on the piston so it doesnt pop out tap the lines and master cylinder with a screwdriver or something the force the piston back in repeat the process a few times

this is a good way to purge and little bit of stuck air from the master

if this doesn't make a blind bit of difference then I would be looking at the clutch pack

you need to find out what the stock thickness is of ALL the plates and measure them all to make sure they are within spec

are they stock items are pattern parts?

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two ali plates :?

I have never known that! but then I have never had a clutch apart on a duc

if he ordered the parts from ducati and the same went in and in the same order as what came out then I wouldn't just lose one!

you will probably end up with clutch slip

what year bike is it?

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I took them out the bike.

From the crank

2 ali plates




And so on.

The ducati guy we got the mc off said to check the new ali plates for curved ones and put them in first.

I laid all the ali plates on a mirror and none was curved.

Stack hight is 36.5 so il check that with my calipers.

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clutch is in wrong

friction first then ali friction and so on ending up with ali plate

your supposed to measure the stack height and if you need it thicker you add extra ali plates on the end

there should be some curved ones in there!

other models with less plates (10) use 2 ali plates first

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The R model has a slipper clutch as slandered stu. I know slippers need to start with a friction plate or the first time the slip if there fitted with steel plate the steel drops and jams up.

This duc is a 749s and it's just a normal dry clutch.

I can't get the bike untill Friday, but il wip the clutch out and check the stack hight first.

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if its a none slipper clutch then it should only have 10 plates and not 14 :?

the slipper is showing as having 16

and yes the standard clutch starts with two ali plates!

something is certainly not right in there!

I thought it had a slipper with you saying 14 plates :?

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I cant see anything anywhere that states 14 plates its either 10 or 16

you can only try it and see and come back to us in the mean time I will keep looking about for more info

Devans needs to read this he will know more than me seen as though he had a Duc plus he knows plenty with them so could ask the relevant questions

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