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ER-6f Brake light

Guest KawasakiGuy

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Hi guys, hope you can help.

My 2009 ER-6f had a loose wire so my rear light would flicker on bumpy roads. I didn't have a clue so I asked a 'specialist' who fiddled and tapped around, now my brake light doesn't work with either front or rear, it's out completely. I'm positive the fault is up this end because it's the only area that was played around with.

My issue is that on this bike model I can't physically get to the wires. It may be that the fairing is in the way, but from what I can see, before I start taking the bike apart, I can only just nimbly get to the wires with my finger tips.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to get to the rear light/remove it etc, just so I can get to the wires. My dad's done some work with electrics in the past but he needs to get to them first.

Pic 1. Above view of rear end, the frame makes it difficult to get to

Pic 2. Literally 2 fingers able to get to the wires



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I've seen this very fault before, and fixed it on a mates 2009 ER6F!

If the fuse hasn't blown then the lighting unit itself has gone, it seemed to be a popular fault on that bike. So if the fuse is intact then check the connections to make sure and if it won't run then replace it with an aftermarket part. :thumb:

If you have a multimeter, one other check you could do is make sure the wires are sending power :)

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