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Clunking into first?


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I've noticed whenever i'm stopped IE at traffic lights and i put it in neutral cause sod holding the clutch in for 10 minutes. When i put it into first it really clunks. I have the clutch pulled in properly and it's no issue if i put it into first while moving slowly to a stop.

Any ideas? Just a little annoyance not a major problem =D

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+1 for it being normal.

My Blackbird used to do it quite severely, a real loud 'clunk' and was felt through the bike as well. It's normal. So much so that when I bought me BMW I was surprised at how smooth it is going into first, I have to check that the neutral light has gone out it's so smooth. The BMW is the exception though and not the norm!

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also dont sit there with cluch lever pulled in while in neutral all you are doing is allowing the oil to throw out off the plates better off letting go of the lever then pulling it in to select 1st when you need to,also as othersaid chain tension can have an effect on how big a clonk it is

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I have similar problem, mechanic says its 'cos no synchromesh on 1st gear.


Sack your mechanic! There's no synchro on any of your gears!!

Bikes have Constant mesh gearboxes...


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