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I'VE DONE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It was brilliant - my aim for today was just for the instructor to say I was ready. He said "Let's go for a ride" and took me on a big long ride, and when we got back I said I'd enjoyed it and he gave me some feedback, then got this big book out and said he was happy to give me my certificate! I couldn't believe it! the clever thing was, I'd already done everything except the road riding part of the training, so he didn't tell me he was treating it as that - probably because I would have got into a flap - and it was Deeside on a Friday afternoon, quite busy, not a time I would have chosen, but that was good too because various hazards arose which I reacted to just the same as I would have done if I was driving a car; if anything it was a bit easier because a bike is narrower than a car.

I'll just get used to everything first and then see about ditching those L-plates :D

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well done on finally passing changing centre done the job nicely for you well done to your trainer as well for not saying anything about it being a cbt ride that way he stopped any panic setting in about right and wrong and you just had to go on what you know you should be doing,now you can join the smiles for miles club :cheers:

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Firstly, huge congratulations to you - sticking with it even though it was difficult and getting past it. Well done :D

Secondly, massive kudos to your instructor who had obviously figured out what the problem was (nerves?) and figured out a way around them. You obviously have the ability and the knowledge, you just needed the confidence without the pressure of a test situation.

Rock n' Ride :thumb:

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