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1970s JAP owners

Guest dudeabides

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Hi, at first I read this as JAP bike owners. Which I thought was JAP engined bikes. Now I'm thinking it might be Japanese bikes from the 70's? Which one is it?

If it's japanese bikes from the 70's I'm in for a chat.

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My first bike was a 1975 Honda SL125. Passed my test on it as well. The bike did everything on and off the road with no problems at all. Gun gummed the exhaust a couple of times and that's about it.

Let my friend have a try at riding it and he rode it straight into a lamp post!!!

Fixed it and sold it back to the shop I bought it from for £150.

I've checked the reg' on the internet but it doesn't seem to be around anymore.

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I have all the parts i need at the moment. It's actually owned by a friend of mine who's paying for parts, blasting, painting etc.

I'm just taking it apart and putting it back together.

There is actually 2 of them in the shed but i'm working on them one at a time. The first will be close to showroom condition and the second will be experimented on :)

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Although not 'JAP', I am rebuilding (NOT restoring) a 1974 MZ TS250.

Got as far as booking an MOT recently, but on the day before, the headlight failed.

I now have a couple of problems - 1. The 'flasher' button is shorting (so headlamp on full) and the chain seams to have seized on a pair of links ('clunks' when the wheel is turned).

Dark nights and wet weekends are slowing me down but, apart from slow leaks in both innertubes, that is all that is left to do (I hope).


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I had links seized on my Storm chain, but it was in otherwise good nick, so I put it in a carrier bag, then drenched it in WD40, and then used pliers at first then fingers to bend the seized links back and fore and they soon freed up.

I have had several very early 80s jap bikes that were 70s models. The worst thing was 80s tyres, they were terrifying over manhole covers.

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