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German Motorway Tolls from 2016

Ali in Austria

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Seems a fair price though:

"The fee will take into account the cylinder capacity and environmental compatibility of the car with a maximum toll of 130 euros a year. Foreign drivers can pay a 10-day levy for 10 euros or two month for 22 euros."

People say "car" when they mean "vehicle" a lot of the time. Can't see camper vans etc being excluded! As for bikes, can't see them losing out on all that dosh either!

Something else to add to the massive list of things you need when travelling abroad though, thanks!

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But Merkel's CDU and its other coalition ally, the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), said they would only back the toll if it complied with European Union rules that prohibit discrimination against foreign motorists.


Clearly it does not... and the neighbouring countries aren't happy.

but as for me.. its not a concern. the Toll - if it happens won't be prohibitive and just provides an incentive to find a better route than the Autobahn.. to be honest i don't go to these places to ride on the Motorway. I can do that here!! The only motorway i commonly use is that which gets me east of the Pays Du Calais as quickly as possible.

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However, the minister stuck to the plan that the toll will not lead to extra costs for German drivers by allowing them to offset the levy against an already existing motor vehicle tax.

Dobrindt, a leading member of the CSU, said he was convinced that his draft law does not discriminate against foreign motorists and therefore would stand if challenged in court.


Hmm, Dobrindt needs to read the first sentence perhaps?! Imagine if the same were to be said in Britain - for a start not everyone who pays tax wants or even has the right (L plates, etc.) to use the motorway. It may be different for Germany, but in the UK vehicle tax does not necessarily go towards the upkeep of the roads. It just all gets chucked into the coffers and the chancellor decides what to do with it! Like with the London congestion charge which was in no small part intended to be spent on upgrading the underground.

So yes, seems like it does discriminate against foreign visitors. However, after all's said and done it doesn't seem like a massive amount to pay to be fair. But who's to say that once the ruling has been agreed the cost won't go up?

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