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Heavy steering.


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Well, this morning when I got the bike out for work, it appeared a lot more difficult to wheel around. I looked at both tyres and neither looked flat, so after some heaving and shoving, off I ride to work.

There's literally about 5 turns and a couple of roundabouts and the last couple of turns seemed quite heavy and the bike felt like it wanted to flop into the turn. On leaving work tonight I go straight to the garage to check/pump up tyres. To my astonishment, even though the tyre doesn't look flat, the front has just 5 psi in it. I pumped it up, checked the back which was almost what it should be so topped that up and off I go home.

Get home, out with the torch and carefully check the tyre. Yep, there it is, nail right in the middle of the tread with the shiney head showing where it's ground down. :(

Question is, is it repairable or do I just junk it and get it replaced ? Bike is only two months old with around 1500 miles on the clock.

Mate suggested some tubeless repair kits on ebay but they all seem to suggest they are really meant for temporary roadside use so I'm not sure I'd be happy with using one of those. I've had a car tyre repaired before and they drilled the hole out and plugged it. Is this doable on a bike tyre I guess is the question if anyone has been in a similar situation ?

I would rather not have to replace the tyre if possible but then again if the repair isn't up to much or kills my confidence in the tyre then I guess the decision is already made.

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Thanks guys. I might just run it past watling tyres to see if they can repair and if not will get the first of the PR3's or PR4's fitted on the front.

Perhaps i hurt the Bridgestones feelings by slagging them off as they have both now picked up a nail each although the rear one didn't go through but in sideways to a big bit of rubber. Pulled that out with no ill effects. Funnily enough I was getting more attached to these ones having had a real bad set on my XJ6 that squirmed around all over the road.

Hmm, actually, I think I might be talking myself into just replacing that tyre.

Couldn't have come at a better time I guess with a good 3 days of rain forecast.

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