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I see what XTremo means


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my local area has some of the best roads I've ever seen... why does nobody post here? I work away and all weekend rides are impromptu <<

It would be great to meet some faces from the forum, who's riding through the winter? :tumble:

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Ill be riding through the winter - I personally prefer it in the wet as I find it more fun and you have the roads to yourself and not having to worry about the weekend warrior as his is parked up in the garage for 6 months :)

I'm based near Monmouth and tend to do weekend trips to the west coast and mid Wales. Yesterday I even attempted a trip up to Elan Valley at 8am and had to turn back half way to Builth Wells as my new RST gear leaked like a sieve and rain starting going through the seal on the helmet so had water running down the inside and couldn't see :(

Only part of me that was dry and toastie was my new Alpinestar boots lol

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None of my kit is any good for the good old Welsh sunshine (the wet variety) I just have a waterproof over suit that does the job.

I tend to reside around Llandovery when I'm riding locally, it seems to me you can head in any direction from there. and there is an ever popular cafe there that is only a little overpriced.

I work in Oxford Monday to Friday, so it's only really weekends I get to hit the twisties.

Some may argue that there are biking roads here, but I am yet to see any that come close to the A4069 that I gauge everything else off :-D

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Some may argue that there are biking roads here (Oxfordshire), but I am yet to see any that come close to the A4069 that I gauge everything else off :-D


Thats hardly surprising.. its not called the 'Black mountain Pass' for nothing. its almost twice as high as the highest point in oxfordshire.. whitehorse hill. mountain pass roads tend to be twisty. If you have ready access to them then thats bloody marvellous. but.. I don't. and so have to make the best of it... there are plenty of roads around my neck of the woods that are well worth the ride.. even if they're not quite so high or twisty. to be honest.. twisty isn't (for me at least) the be all and end all. If I need a fix of that... I head for the alps. the Dolomites in particular. where a good idea of the road map can be gained by throwing a pan of cooked spaghetti on the floor and calling it a map. pass after pass after pass after pass and 7 times the height.

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You should.. at least once.



this is the Silvretta.

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