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Saw an article in which a store (preppersshop.co.uk) was mentioned opening, the first UK preppers store, A prepper being someone who collects equipment / supplies for potential disasters and doomsday occurances, IE catastrophic earthquakes.

I myself like to prep a little i have some supplies as well as camping equipment and tools up in the loft (and if i had the money i'd be making a prep bike =D), Just wondering if there are any others on here with a couple marbles loose like myself that enjoy "prepping" ?

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lol, but you can bet your life that when "sh1t goes down" you're about 100miles away from your prep-stash, and all of your neighbours who know you're a prepper have broken in and are making use of all your stuff...

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Oi! Leave Skeggy alone! Plenty of bikers go there but they leave as well. :lol:

Preppers videos on Youtube are 'interesting'. I get the impression that some of them are not just preparing but actually hoping for Armageddon. Either way, each to their own.

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This site fails to mention that most disasters that can't be solved by relocation and are global will likely mean the atmosphere we breathe has been too badly damaged.

If we have a war that yields that result, it will likely be nuclear.

If we get hit by a comet we will likely have a wall of fire to contend with first... And if you survive that then you have the fire rain that comes back down when chunks of the earth thrown into space come back :lol:

In other words...

There's no point being prepared for something that will kill you regardless... Spend your money on a motorbike :lol:

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Congratulations, you've succesfully found the one way to get a worse return on your investment than a Chinese bike :lol:

And we both know how that works out :oops:


Don't remind me..

I do it as a bit of fun i enjoy putting together these kits and i use them for camping/hiking to so not really wasted.

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