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using a multimeter


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Right, so my indicators have stopped working. The bulbs are fine, the hazards work fine etc, and I think it may be a particular connection I've had trouble with in the past. I'd like to put the multimeter on it to be sure, but I can't remember how to use the effing thing.

It looks like this: http://i1223.photobucket.com/albums/dd519/mealexme/20141119_115358_zpsa0f32d70.jpg

Can anyone tell me everything I need to know?

where to put the black wire in the meter

where to put the red wire in the meter

which setting to put it on

how to find the fault (ie where to put the red/black wires on the bike)

If I remember correctly its as simple as finding the correct setting, putting the black on the - screw of the battery and using the red one on different parts of the bike to see if there is a connection

The only issue then, is I don't think the wires on the multimeter are long enough to reach where I want them to go... Then what?

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Black wire in the middle connector, red in the right.

To measure voltage, stick it to 20V (to see if there's anything coming from the feed wire to the indicator).

To measure resistance, you'll need it on 200Ohm - about 6 o'clock (to measure the resistance of a wire/bulb etc or find if you've got an iffy connector).

You can extend the wires with... another bit of wire. The only thing you'll have to be mindful of is that if you've got it on Ohm then you'll need to account for the additional resistance of said bit of wire. You don't have to use the battery -ve, any bit of bare metal on the frame should do. :-)

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You want the black lead connected to COM

You want the red lead connected to 10ADC for current, V ohm mA for voltage

For voltage measure it across the component with a probe on either side. Same for resistance.

For current measure it by making the multimeter a component in series.

Measuring bike stuff is all DC, use the voltage stuff on the left, set it to 20. Or resistance bottom left and set it to 200k. Work in needed increments if you need more precise or less results.

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