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One advantage of being an older learner.

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It might be the only one. However, I find that I don't get flustered when I've got a car following me closely along the twisty, windy, unmarked roads that I have to use to get anywhere, including to untwisty roads. Inevitably I'm going to hold somebody up sometimes. Especially since dear hubby criticised my lack of speed.

But I find it doesn't bother me at all. I think, it's their problem, not mine, and they can overtake when we get to a safe bit. I am quite sure this would have bothered me terribly if I were younger because I get so self-conscious if anybody is watching me.

Today was much better - still the odd argh! moment. I went to the car park I was thinking of using to do slow work and it was useless. Simply not big enough and no straight lines. Just a big roundabout in the middle. I did find a bit I thought I might have a go at U-turns on, but it was covered with fallen leaves and water. I took a measuring tape with me and measured 7.5 metres, which looked enormous when I had the tape out, but immediately shrank to almost nothing the minute I got on the bike and I didn't even try :( I did some slow riding (which has helped me to practice clutch control) but it was like being on a fairground roundabout - only cheaper - and I didn't dare go round the other way for a change, in case a car appeared.

Never mind, it's all progress and I'm off work again tomorrow, so two consecutive days are bound to be better than a week in between rides.

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If people tail gate me they just get my going slower while i shake my ass at them. Nobody wants that. Nobody.

Well except..


Go your own pace =) Go the speed people want you to and you're not comfortable with you'll end up in a crash.

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The weekend produced two completely contrasting rides - one a road I thought I'd go along to see where it went - very narrow, very twisting, and absolutely covered with cow poo, dead leaves, mud, water and chopped-off bits of hedge. Absolutely horrible and I didn't enjoy it a bit (but no other traffic, and no wonder). Then next day a lovely ride up to the Ponderosa along a switchbacking road with lots of big sweeping curves and a nice clear surface. Can't wait to do that one again :)

That one had a lot of traffic on it and I OVERTOOK!!! :D

(OK, I only overtook pushbikes but I still had to get between them and the oncoming traffic) :roll:

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