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Dead Battery

Guest sherrifrob

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Hi Everyone,

Battery advice please, due to not riding for over a month my battery is dead (its a Yuasa YTX7L-BS Powersport 100amp starting power). I've charged it up but its still not starting the engine, I don't have a voltmeter to check but I think that it was dead so long that it won't hold the charge. I'm getting the neutral light & its making the usual noises but no joy on the engine actually turning over.

Its a tough starter anyway, I've had a new choke fitted & its turning over a bit easier but always needs a bit to get going. Point is for the battery starting power is the thing.

Do you reckon my battery is kaput from sitting so long or do I need to look into it being something else? I had no other problems last time I rode. Don't want to replace the battery its something else.

I'm going to replace the battery, any suggestions. I was going to go for 115 amp starting power. I don't want to invest in a decent one as realistically the same thing will probably happen again over the winter.


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Motobatt battery. No farting about with acids and they last well even when left out in the cold.

Really you want to check it with a multimeter though the starters are known for going on viagras

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stick a Motobatt in the bike.. these are a massive upgrade from standard lead/acid (wet) batteries.. it'll arrive fully charged so you can stick it straight in.

The one you want is a MBTX7U you can find them on ebay.. or elsewhere online.

my other bike regularly sits for weeks and months on end.. and always starts 1st time... and it has a lot to contend with. a big old lump of an engine and a very old fashioned ABS system.

it will cost a little more than your Yuasa. but will be well worthwhile. consider also buying yourself a battery minder. so you can leave the battery plugged in and 'on charge' 24/7 = no more starting problems. even if thats not possible.. using it occasionally just to make sure the battery is kept in tip-top condition will help enormously.

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Thanks lads,

I'll give a motobatt a go. I always do this come winter & end up with a knackered battery right around MOT time.

I've considered a trickle charger but its on street parking so I can't leave it connected & so either way I need to f*ck about with taking the battery out.

I'll give this current one a charge over night & try a multi meter to make sure it is actually done for proper.

It looks like they're only a tenner in the difference price wise anyway which is well worth not having to deal with this pallava. Nothing puts you off a ride down the coast like having to faff about with a battery or similar.

Thanks for the recommend!

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Motobatt's are great for winter. best batteries I have ever had by far. Also, if you can afford it, get an Optimate trickle charger and maintainer. My one cost me about £20 ten years ago and I haven't really had a battery problem since. Spend the cash if you have it mate, it will save loads i the long run.

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Nothing more to add, just plus 1 here for Motobatt and an Optimate. Can't speak highly enough of Motobatt batteries, never had one fail on me yet (same cannot be said for all the other brands I've tried!).

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